Clinical Pilates is a gentle restorative exercise regimen perfectly suited for most people as they recover and work to rebuild their bodies from injuries.

Pilates works on developing a balance between strength and mobility through individual and adjacent joints. It serves to increase core stability and peripheral mobility; ensuring proper muscle firing patterns are maintained and dispersing of the forces can be correct. Pilates can increase neuromuscular awareness and improve balance and coordination. It allows focus to be placed on individual body parts as well as their integration into the body as a whole.

Pilates continues to be used to create positive movement experiences for those with any type of movement dysfunction. Leading Pilates authorities are assisting this currently by developing specialized programming for particular populations. Today there is a definite partnership between Pilates experts and rehabilitation specialists and by working together, we can bridge the gap between rehab and fitness and be able to reach an immense number of individuals who otherwise would not realize their movement potential. Altitude Collaborative Health is leading the way in Calgary with their Pilates rehabilitation Program.

The basic principles of Pilates exercises are consistent with those of rehabilitation. Addressing the body as a whole, not just a collection of individual parts, allows for successful aging and the ability to function at the level an individual wishes. Mobility of joints, strength of the muscular system, integrity of our shoulders, hips, knees and spine… everything is interconnected and must all be addressed when managing or preventing aches, pains and degeneration.

The rehab and medical communities are embracing Pilates for many reasons based on this theory. Pilates is gentle on the joints, focuses on suppleness and strength and can be used to address and rehabilitate specific issues with the active aging. Pilates can also be practiced for preventative measures and to bridge the gap after physical therapy to ensure the client does not injure themselves again. It can be adapted to meet the needs and goals of individuals, and thus can be a very safe way to exercise and move the body as they progress back to their daily activities, work commitments and exercise regimes. Pilates is both a mental and physical challenge and can be done for a lifetime.

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