Ivan Phillion

A 2003 Graduate from Ottawa’s International Academy of Massage Therapy, since has worked with a variety of clients in numerous settings with their unique needs. These settings have included Nature Spas and Health Clinics serving Avid Commuters, Weekend Warriors, and elite Olympic athletes in sports such as Biathlon, Bobsleigh/Skeleton, Long Track Speed Skating, and others.

With a background as an elite Biathlete from 1991 to 2001 much knowledge of human performance and ability was gained. During these years, success included 4 world Junior Championships, where the pinnacle results were top 10 at the World Junior stage. At that time he lead the Canadian Junior team and accomplished Canada Games Golds, and was also named athlete of the year.

As a father to two girls, with Japanese being a big part of his home, diversity is an everyday thing. He fathers an adventuring family that may include canoeing, camping, cycling, Nordic sports, or even driving across the country, (more than once…)

As an avid year round commuter whether it be by Bicycling, Jogging, Inline Skating, and Cross-Country Roller Skiing, these activities keep him in tune with the body’s daily physical and mental health needs.

“At Altitude Collaborative Health, I looks forward to collaborating with all the talented health professionals to best achieve the results you would expect. Hope to see you here, in good health.”


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