Dr. Tim Kernahan

Dr. Tim Kernahan’s passion for Chiropractic medicine began as a young tennis athlete after suffering a groin injury. He explored several treatment options, but it was Dr. Robinson who ultimately provided the only effective treatment. This experience inspired him to pursue it as a career, hoping to provide that same support to future patients.

Dr. Kernahan completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic and his Masters of Sports Medicine at the University of Western States, graduating from both with honours. He also holds a Bachelor of Mining Engineering from the University of Alberta and after working in Fort McMurray for 5 years obtained his Professional Engineer designation.

Evidence-based medicine is incorporated into Dr. Kernahan’s daily practice, and he is devoted to treating every patient like an elite athlete. Determining the root cause of a problem is key to long term success, not just symptom management. He is certified in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), which is regarded as one of the most complete and effective treatment techniques for soft-tissue injuries and has additional training in Graston, McKenzie, and K-Tape methods.

When not at the clinic, you will find Dr. Kernahan on the tennis or squash courts, ice rink playing hockey, or exploring the Rocky Mountains.

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