At Altitude Collaborative Health our Doctors, Chiropractor, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Trainers and Administration staff are always asked many questions. Here are some of their more frequently asked questions.

Q) Will I need X-rays?

A) We do not require x-rays for every patient. If it is medically necessary, your practitioner will provide you with a requisition to a nearby x-ray clinic for the images. There is no additional cost to you; they are fully covered by Alberta Health Services.

Q) Do you accept WCB patients?

A) Yes, Altitude Collaborative Health is a WCB approved clinic. We offer WCB services for chiropractic and physiotherapy.

Q) Do you accept MVA patients?

A) Yes, Altitude Collaborative Health is always accepting new MVA patients. With skilled health care practitioners and knowledgeable front desk staff we can help you navigate through this difficult process.

Q) Do you accept new patients?

A) Yes, we are always accepting new patients! Call us at 403-454-1701 or book online now

Q) How long is my first appointment?

A) The length of your appointment depends on the provider you are seeing and the services that you are receiving at our clinic. To help optimize your time spent with us, the Patient Intake Forms can be pre-filled and brought to your initial appointment.

Q) Do you have extended hours?

A) Yes, we have hours that meet your schedule including evening and weekend appointment times. Mobile chiropractic services are available upon request.

Q) Do you direct bill for my insurance?

A) Yes, we direct bill to most insurance companies. Our administration team is here to help you maximize your insurance benefits.

Q) How many treatments will I require?

A) Everyone is different. Your practitioner will take into account a number of different factors. These include, but are not limited to; the nature of the complaint (what’s wrong), the severity and how long you have been experiencing the symptoms. This information will allow your practitioners to provide you with a more accurate and individualized treatment plan.

Q) Do I need a referral to visit Altitude Collaborative Health?

A) No referral is required.

Q) Is parking available?

A) Yes, there are Altitude Collaborative Health marked stalls available in Impark lot 208. The lot is accessible off the back alley that is just north of the clinic.


At Altitude Collaborative Health we are always welcoming new patients! No referral is required.
Call Us at (403) 454-1701 book your book your appointment today!