Why Choose Altitude Collaborative Health?

calgary-sports-health-exteriorWe are very glad that you are considering Altitude Collaborative Health as your potential partner in health, performance and wellness.

Altitude Collaborative Health is a brand new multidisciplinary clinic in downtown Calgary that offers a level of health and therapy services that has only been available previously to elite athletes. It is our strong belief that this kind of personalized therapy should not just only be available to professional athletes.

At Altitude Collaborative Health, we use a similar model of treatment that is employed by professional sports and Olympic teams by offering customized treatment options for our patients.

calgary-sports-health-reception-2We are able to offer our patients the services of our multidisciplinary team all under one roof. Generally it is common for a patient with an injury to require two or three different practitioners working together in order to achieve optimal recovery and performance as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Having many different types of practitioners working together under one roof allows for a treatment options and discussions between practitioners that would not happen in another setting. The convenience of having one clinic that offers so many different treatment options also saves you time which very valuable in the recovery process.

Altitude Collaborative Health has a staff of experienced Sports Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Sports Therapists, Reflexologists and Acupuncturists.

At Altitude Collaborative Health we are always welcoming new patients! No referral is required.
Call us at (403) 454-1701 or book online today!